Pleasure Gourmet Tour

 Hanoi Pleasure Gourmet Tour


Morning Course: 11am -12am
Sunset Course: 17pm -21pm

Time section Dinner Description
Departure time

Meeting place: in front of Hanoi Cathedral

Embark on a lovely walk through old quarter to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, a famous local pho for ages

Sample famous “Pho” and  Introduction given  on  history of the store, how to make “Pho”

Embark on a lovely walk through old quarter, following Nha Chung str., torward Bun Bo Hang Dieu, 15m on food with ample opportunity to take  photo & meet with people

Enjoy typical Bun Bo and  Introduction given  on  history of the store, ingredients of “Bun Bo”

-Continue on to ‘Banh Cuon Thanh Tri’ about 10 min

Enjoy ‘Banh Cuon’, namely ‘rice cake roll’

Meet the owner and introduction given  on  history of the store, store, ingredients of ‘Banh Cuon’

Carry on our walk  round the beautify Hoan Kiem lake to ‘Trang Tien Ice cream’ about 20 min

Try ‘Trang Tien Ice Cream’ in different taste including chocolate, coconut milk, or green pea.

Pleasant walk through the maze of old quarter to ‘Café Giang’ via Opera House

and through Ly Thai To str, toward coffee street òf  Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Café Giang offers a lots of options including wonderful egg coffee

Introduces about Vietnamese coffee culture

Moving from ‘Café Giang’ to ‘Bun Cha ”

Enjoy “ Bun Cha “ while taking snap shot of bobbling commotion of old quarter at night

Continuing onto ‘ Tahien Beer’ at the corner.

Enjoy local Beer Hoi

Introduces about Beer culture of Viet Nam

Trip concludes with fond of memories.