5 reasons you should book a trip with Foodie Tours

  1. Street Food Culture

One of the most endearing sights of Hanoi is that of its ubiquitous vendors peddling baskets of crackers, fruit or baguettes through the streets. Whether sold from the back of a bicycle or baskets balanced on bamboo shoulder poles street vendors are a part of the Hanoi scene.

While on your trip to Hanoi you must taste the street food, and you will never be short on options because street food appears on every corner. With Foodie Tours we make it easy to go to the best local restaurants, meet the street vendors, and even try your hand at local dishes. It will take less than 1 minute for Vietnam’s street food to charm you, with its’ attractive color, fragrant smell and cheap price.

2. You Need to Eat

DSCF1578_edited2You will need lots of energy to walk around and discovery Hanoi so fuel yourself on our Foodie Tour!  Walk along the streets of Vietnam, cook in a Vietnamese kitchen, eat local food, and hear the legends and story of Vietnam. Most importantly fill up on some of Vietnam’s most famous dishes while learning about the local culture.



  1. Street Food is NOT the Same Everywhere

bun-chaVietnam is home to a wide variety of different street foods, you will be blown away by all of the options! Thanks to the kindness of mother of nature, the diversity of culture and a long history; Vietnamese food is a mosaic of flavour. It combinations tradition and modernity as well as eastern and western characteristics. Vietnamese people mix not only fresh local ingredients, planted themselves but combine exotic sources to create the unique cuisine of Vietnamese.


  1. Famous Street Food

12744294_829419640519715_8586735467099002183_nFalse: food sold on the street by vendors is less tasty and healthy than the luxury cuisine in 5 star restaurants. Vietnam’s cuisine is delicious, nutritious and highly artistic. According to cnn.com, ‘Pho Vietnam’ is ranked 3rd in the word for healthiest ethnic cuisine. Moreover; the humble Pho (traditional noodle soup) and Goi Cuon (spring roll) have made it to US television channel CNN’s list of the “World’s 50 most delicious food”. Street food is a beautiful and ancient culture of Vietnamese people, especially for Hanoians.

The owners do not want to open a big store because they usually cook for their family, their neighbors or friends, and relatives. However, you have to go the right place at the right time, in the right season to taste the most original, appetizing dishes in the ancient houses cooked by local people. That is where Foodie Tours comes in, to help you discover the best foods in a city full of options.

  1. Stress Free Streets

hanoi14Smartphone maps cannot lead you through all the weaving and winding alleys of the Old Quarter, even the Vietnamese people can get lost. To avoid getting lost in the alleys of Hanoi you should book a Foodie Tour. We will bring you through the Old Quarter to find the best food and experience local culture, stress free.